Randa sings Aznavour ​

Randa sings Aznavour is now available on all listening platforms.

The album is a tribute to the great Franco-Armenian singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour. This album allows me to reconnect with my French culture. On the album, I’m accompanied by a jazz orchestration performed by several famous musicians.

Listen to some extracts from the latest album.


In a war-torn Beirut, under heavy bomb shellings…

I discovered a big box containing a vast collection of jazz vinyls in my attic. It belonged to a late friend of my father, he brought back from Africa and kept preciously as a souvenir. Being a curious teenager about things and looking for an auditive escape away from the daily bombardments, I started digging in and playing the 45, 78 and 33 rpm records. I played them one after another, despite frying sounds from the significant scratches on the discs, to a point that they ruined our record player’s needle! 

But I was already hooked to this black cultured American music, although I barely knew English back then to understand all the lyrics. This was the main reason that I hummed and scatted some onomatopoeias over beloved melodies. I then started recording tapes of my favourites artists that I gave to a guitarist friend to build a repertoire to start singing with him as a self-taught vocalist. 

My story with jazz and performances really kickstarted in shelters when I sang my heart out to entertain neighbors gathered during bombings, to calm big fears and anxieties. It became my ambition to introduce my fellows to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Satchmo, Miles Davis and much more. 

Today, now that I immigrated to Montreal, I gradually went back to singing, since it is my oasis of peace and joy. My atypical journey led me to meet jazz legends with whom I worked and even recorded four acclaimed albums. My voice is said to be quite particular as much as my story is. With rich European, middle eastern and north American backgrounds, I sing in the four languages I fluently speak and am a pioneer jazz vocalist across the middle east.

In June 2023, I will be launching my fifth CD, a tribute album to late Armenian-French legend, Charles Aznavour. This album allows me to reconnect with my French culture. On the album I am backed by a refine jazz orchestration and many famous musicians. 



August 31, 2023 at Le Rendez-Vous du Thé



1348, rue Fleury Est, Montreal, Qc H2C1R3 






Recorded in NY by John Lee, Randa sings there along with pianist Cyrus Chestnut, drummer Lewis Nash and Bassist Dezron Douglas, Antonio Hart, Freddie Hendrix and Roger Squitero on sax, trumpet, and percussions respectively.

All arrangements are signed by Cyrus Chestnut and enhance Randa’s subtle, velvety voice. A thrilling session offering acoustic “Subtle Thrills“, as she described when left the studio.


Recorded in Montreal at the RCA Victor Studios. Randa is accompanied by pianist Cyrus Chestnut along with, from the Montreal jazz scene, double bass player Michel Donato and drummer Jim Hillman.


Is a refreshing bouquet of world music with nostalgic hits and all-time favorites. Recorded in Amsterdam with the Shampoo Trio, it has an Arabic version of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” that became a radio hit and enhanced Randa’s oriental roots.



First album that Randa recorded back in 2002 in Miami. It projected her whilst obtaining acclaiming mentions in stores and in the media. The recording is reminiscent of early jazz recordings. 


Journal de Montréal
Dame du jazz. Chanteuse oui, mais qui opte aussi pour le ton récitatif
parfois, comme si elle susurrait quelques bribes à l’oreille de ses auditeurs
et auditrices. Il y a dans sa voix des essences coquines dans la relecture
des classiques.

Christophe Rodriguez – Journal de Montréal

L.A. Jazz Scene
She displays a very attractive and fetching voice.
She is quite expressive. Improvises with subtlety, and swings gently.

Scott Yanow – L.A. Jazz Scene

Quelques instants de magie, où plane un délicieux goût d’inachevé
et l’envie de se laisser bercer encore une fois par le blues de cette
Lady à la voix de velours.

Carla Henoud – L’Orient-le-Jour



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